A day with a wolf and a mermaid

After a month or so in the photographic doldrums I finally managed to get out and spend a day in the Peak District with my camera. In the morning I headed to Wolfscote Dale (the northern extension of the better known Dove Dale). I wandered along the riverside path capturing images of the many small waterfalls. Then I climbed the steep grass slopes of the valley to get some shots of the valley as a whole.

After several hours in Wolfscote Dale I headed north to Mermaids Pool overlooking the Roaches then on to Gradbach, for a walk up to the chasm of Lud’s Church. This natural crack in the rocks is filled with ferns and other moisture loving plants. It was however difficult to take satisfying photos of. Perhaps going back with a macro lens is a thought for the future.

To finish the day off, knowing that the Roaches would be heaving with climbers, I headed to the nearby Gib Tor, a smaller but still photogenic sandstone ridge.

The images below are of Wolfscote Dale, Mermaid’s Pool (a four shot panoramic), and Gib Tour (including a five shot pano).

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One Response to A day with a wolf and a mermaid

  1. Jo Woolf says:

    Lovely photos! Thanks for following my blog – think I’m going to enjoy your own, too!

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